My Background

Pamela Frison

Pamela Frison, Ph.D, is a retired Law Enforcement Officer and a Veteran of the U.S. Navy. Her lifelong MISSION is to protect and serve. Pamela brings her passion for lifelong learning to her role as a financial professional. She works to help each of her clients establish and protect their wealth. Clients and colleagues alike appreciate her commitment to empowering them to meet their financial and personal goals. 

Pamela is a Breast Cancer Survivor. She conqured Breast Cancer with humilty and grace. After conquering breast cancer, she continues traversing new landscapes of life. Pamela uses her 'growth mindset' and firm belief in perseverance to push each of her clients to reach any goal. In addition to her client service and community leadership, Pamela is an author and a widely respected speaker who brings a unique perspective to every topic. Her fresh approach and insightful observations combine with 30 years of professional experience to make her speaking engagements compelling, educational, and entertaining. Pamela is a firm believer in living a Legacy and leaving a legacy.

Using the POWER of three, Dr. Pam will build a team that consist of you, herself, and New York Life. She hopes to help you establish, grow, and build your financial legacy.